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Annual youth art show connects the community

Kensie Pao
CELEBRATING CREATIVITY — Families explore different pieces displayed around the Palo Alto Art Center on May 1. The annual art show gives students the opportunity to showcase their talents. “Art is a way to express myself,” Gunn High School junior Satvik Sivaraman said.

Celebrating the creativity of youth in our community, the annual K-12 art show opened on April 27, at the Palo Alto Art Center. The show is running until May 19, showcasing a variety of artwork from all grade levels under the theme of symbiosis.

“The purpose of the art show is to showcase the work our students do and to give them an opportunity to have the equivalent of a performance,” art instructor Kate McKenzie said. 

The gallery included pieces from over 500 young artists, providing a diverse range of pieces and perspectives. 

It’s lovely to see their progression because we highlight elementary, middle school and high school art here, so you can see the program in its sequence from K-12 in our district.”

— Palo Alto Unified Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator Kelly Martin

Viewers praised the role of art teachers in selecting pieces that resonated with both students and viewers.

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“Young students make a lot of really pretty and super creative pieces of artwork,” Palo Alto High School sophomore Ivy Lee said. “When I look at this gallery, it’s so much more interesting than random modern art galleries, because you can really see the ideas and creativity coming off of these pieces.”