The new Bell Schedule Review Committee, selected on Nov. 4 to review C-schedules, had their kick-off meeting on Nov. 15 after school. The committee consists of five students, five parents, ten teachers, guidance counselor Susan Shultz and assistant principal Vicki Kim. According to the Paly website, their job is to “investigate, analyze and recommend a schedule that will optimize student learning and well-being.” We congratulate the administration for listening to student’s opinions on C-days and believe that the committee will find the most reasonable solution for scheduling.

Verde believes that C-schedules are inefficient and lead to additional stress for students because with all seven classes meeting, students often get over assigned homework and feel unproductive in a 50-minute class period.

While we look forward to hearing what the committee decides on scheduling, ultimately Verde agrees that having a C-schedule on Monday is not beneficial to students nor teachers.

After much debate concerning what should be done with C-days, Verde commends the administration for creating a committee to address the issue. We hope that our concerns will continue to be heard. Through visiting other high schools and examining research about schedules at surrounding schools, the committee will hopefully come to a consensus on what the best schedule is for Paly students.