Welcome to the ring of Silicon Valley, where cutting-edge technology is constantly fighting to reign supreme over all else. A new contestant to arise out of the bleak pits of obscurity reveals itself in all its glory to be the smart watch. In the top right corner, we have the Pebble watch, known for its Kickstarter origins and practicality, and in the bottom left, we have the Apple watch, flaunting its snazzy Apple logo and costly price tag. The fight of the century is upon us, and let’s hope it’s better than the Pacquiao-Mayweather fiasco.   v


Pebble Watch (4.5/5)

PRO: Incorporates practical apps appropriate for watch platform

PRO: Highly durable while maintaining lightness

PRO: Cost efficient — starts at $100

PRO: Week-long battery life

CON: Pixelated display

CON: Lower-end models made of plastic

CON: No touch screen

CON: Customization is limited


Apple Watch (3.5/5)

PRO: It’s like a mini iPhone on your wrist

CON: Who needs a mini iPhone on their wrist?

CON: Expensive — starts at $349

PRO: Expensive -—  #I’mwealthy

PRO: Durable, moderately light

PRO: Siri oriented

PRO: Highly customizable

PRO: Heart rate monitor