Volume 20, Issue 3

Paly to host final centennial events

Palo Alto High School will be hosting a series of centennial-themed events, including a facilities open house, a tree walk and a birthday cake celebration for t...

From the editors: Remembering our roots

Be it waning cultural ties, bittersweet nostalgia or disappearing historical relics, progress comes at a price. Propelling toward ever-greater innovation in the...


RV LIFE ON EL CAMINO REAL Every 72 hours, Britney and Niles pack up their things and get ready to move. Papers, clothes and books are stuffed into drawers, their belongings hastily tucked away. Every 72 hours, they lower the jacks and remove the wooden planks under the wheels of their RV. Every 72 hours, they turn off the generator, secure the propane gas tank, align the truck and call a U-Haul. Every 72 hours, they must find a new spot to park on the side of El Camino Real, because if not, a p