To Kill A Love of Reading: English reading lists need more diversity

Examining and analyzing different voices, genres and viewpoints is essential to our growth and development as citizens in our pluralistic society. Though the current English curriculum does not allow for this, English teachers can help solve the problem by allowing students some freedom in choosing their novels and by making the English reading curriculum more diverse.

Responding to Tragedy

Art by Karina Chan Why didn’t you change your profile picture?” A girl asked me. I could hear the subtext behind her words: “Why don’t you care about...

Cease the C-day: Why every day should be a block day

Almost every Monday of Palo Alto High School's school week starts with a C-day, seven 50 minute classes. While this type of school schedule is popular, Paly should enact an all block day schedule for the educational and student's benefit.

Aware of our Awareness: We must direct focus to causes in need

Throughout the year, Palo Alto High School students frequently come together to show school spirit and support one another. Whether it is Spirit Week profile picture changes or white-outs at home football games, the sense of community within Paly is hard to miss.