Volume 16, Issue 1

Restaurant Review: Pizza Studio

 Check out Pizza Studio's Oct. 28 promotion!     A dark tomato blend spreads over the thin rosemary dough in circular motions, seconds late...

Before They Were Here: Faculty’s Careers Before Teaching

Over 200 faculty members at Palo Alto High School teach, counsel and otherwise work here on a daily basis. While many were passionate about their chosen field of education from the beginning of their own higher education, others arrived at their destinations as teachers through alternate routes. Verde talked to four faculty members to learn about their careers before going into the field of education.
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Music Review: Clipping — CLPPNG

Sludgy blasts of audio slurps burst. Spiraling tinny echoes usher in electronic chirps. Pitter-patter beats dance around unapologetic verses. Slushy drums are i...

That’s What Shi Said: I use my left hand

Shi says that she's tired of the right-hand bias prevalent in everyday environments. It's time for people to adapt their products and attitudes for the lefties in the world.
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The Price of Perfection

"I would try and get myself sick. I looked up online what the lethal dose of bleach is. I thought about drinking just enough bleach so that I would throw up and I wouldn’t have to go to school to take my math test, but I wouldn’t die.”