Volume 15, Issue 2

The English Toffee Bar

The best bars in the business are English. Photo by Claire Priestley. A time-tested third-generation recipe, these warm, soft and crunchy English toffee bar...

Electronic Music

Junior Luke Schroder is a DJ who remixes and produces music under the pseudonym UltraViolet Astronauts (UVA); Junior Will Kast composes electronic music under the stage name William III; Junior Fabo Garduño is the man behind White Noise Symphony, his one-man band that makes both covers of songs and original compositions.
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Advanced Problems

1st Period: AP Underwater Basket-weaving. 2nd period: AP Candy Cane making. 3rd period: AP Twerking. 4th Period: AP Meditating. 5th Period: AP Beard Growing. 6th Period: AP Instagram Composition. 7th Period: AP How to Cook Meat for Vegetarians. Sound like a pointless schedule? Well, for many students loading up their schedules with AP’s, the subject matter of the course holds little significance because the students are only looking for the label the AP course provides, and that’s a problem.

Veggie Tales

Charlie Ayers cooks a flat bread in Calafia's pizza oven. Photo by Claire Priestley A cloud of flour trails behind head chef Charlie Ayers as he swiftly sli...
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Sickening and Abominable Torture

We are constantly told that we’re wonderful people with the potential to make the world a better place. Every single one of us has something that elevates us ab...
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STAR Testing Canceled

Palo Alto High School Students can look forward to a new standardized tests this spring instead of the previous STAR test. California just passed AB 484, abo...
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This Land(e) is Your Land(e)

Welcome to Palo Alto High School, where our students regularly discover and eradicate fatal illnesses, single-handedly dig wells that service several small African countries and create multi-million-dollar non-profit organizations to provide iPhones for malnourished children — for every one you buy, little Tommy gets his own! And who needs clean water when you’ve got Temple Run? Did you know that the United States decided not to take military action in Syria solely because Paly students changed their profile pictures to peace signs in a show of support?

Back in Black and White

The tones of organ music in the Stanford Theater transport movie-goers back to the early days of film. In the darkness, it takes a minute to identify the organ player: dressed in a suit jacket with short tails, he sits on the stage, framed by red velvet curtains.
The last song finishes with a flourish and applause ensues. The movie is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m., and when the curtain rises, the analog clock icon on my iPhone tells me it’s right on time. No previews. No blaring announcements about cell phone use.