Zofia Ahmad

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Senior Bucket List

Tell your favorite teacher how much they mean to you   There are certain teachers who have made a noticeable impact on our lives. Some of them do...

Panther Tracks: The Man Behind the Mascot

For the past 52 years, Froli has served as a PAUSD volunteer and teacher, primarily at Jane Lanthrop Stanford Middle School. Throughout the years, Froli has witnessed JLS undergo many changes, which have included the renaming of JLS, the creation of a new middle school mascot and the founding of the JLS student-run store.
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The Price of Perfection

"I would try and get myself sick. I looked up online what the lethal dose of bleach is. I thought about drinking just enough bleach so that I would throw up and I wouldn’t have to go to school to take my math test, but I wouldn’t die.”
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Keep Calm and App On

After the bulky orange “get ready” sign flashes fingers begin to tap upon the smartphone screen in a rhythmic beat guiding the pixelated bird, the main characte...
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In Bloom

Bloom, who has been working in the Paly Social Science department since 1998, currently teaches Economics and AP Macroeconomics. “I’ve been here a long time, s...
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The People’s Revolution

Living here in Palo Alto, we have the comfort of knowing that we can stay out past 7 p.m. without worrying for our life or being locked out of our home for the night. We can practice any religion we like without a threat of persecution. We don’t hear reports everyday about people being killed by our government.
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Advanced Problems

1st Period: AP Underwater Basket-weaving. 2nd period: AP Candy Cane making. 3rd period: AP Twerking. 4th Period: AP Meditating. 5th Period: AP Beard Growing. 6th Period: AP Instagram Composition. 7th Period: AP How to Cook Meat for Vegetarians. Sound like a pointless schedule? Well, for many students loading up their schedules with AP’s, the subject matter of the course holds little significance because the students are only looking for the label the AP course provides, and that’s a problem.