Warren Wagner

Tranquil Travels: Exploring Darwin’s equatorial archipelago

When people talk about places being “serene” they usually mean that the place makes them feel relaxed, that the calm ebb and flow of ocean waves calms them, or that the fresh mountain air makes them feel at peace. But when I went to the Galápagos last winter, I experienced a whole new meaning of serenity.In the Galápagos, not only was I at ease, but it felt like the surrounding life was as well. Most animals weren’t bothered by tourists and some even seemed to enjoy their presence.In 1835, Charl

Verbatim: New Bell Schedule

What do you think about the new bell schedule for next year? Verde asked students and teachers about the pros and cons of the new bell schedule. The schedule f...

Stanford expansion in the works

Local affordable housing and traffic conditions may be impacted once Stanford University's General Use Permit is finalized by Santa Clara County. If approved...