Lucy Fox

The Berry that has Everyone Talking

Acai bowls (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) have been all the rage recently, and rightly so — they’re delicious, healthy and beautiful. They’re essentially thick smoothi...

The New Classroom

Several PhD students squeeze together in a dark room. The faces of the scientists, illuminated only by the soft glow of a confocal microscope, watch intently as the colored representations of dyed cells jump to life on a monitor. As the cells come into focus, the microscope technician and the observing graduate students launch into an exchange of complex biological jargon, drawing attention to the subtle discolorations and shapes revealed by this round of imaging. These scientists, advanced scholars coming from countries abroad to study at Stanford University, are leading cutting edge research. However, the cells they are analyzing are a product of local efforts: specifically those of Alex Lu, a senior at Palo Alto High School, who has helped to prepare the cell sample.

Serial: The podcast that captured the attention of millions

In 1999, a high school senior named Adnan Syed was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. While many of his family and friends never believed that he committed the crime, the jury pronounced him guilty, and Syed spent the next 15 years of his life behind bars. In late 2014, Syed became the subject of international attention through the podcast “Serial.” Hosted by investigative journalist and “This American Life” producer Sarah Koenig, “Serial” examines every aspect of Syed’s case in an attempt to finally prove his innocence — or confirm his guilt.

Zoom in on InFocus

InFocus is Palo Alto High School’s student-run daily broadcast journalism program. We asked some of the staff members what their favorite thing about InFocus is. Hover on the photo to see their responses.