Jack Brook

Guardians of the Rail

Some people working minimum wage jobs flip burgers, others sweep floors, but security guard Mike Haight has found himself carrying a heavy burden, responsible for keeping the train tracks safe in a time when they seem most threatening to the Palo Alto community.

Una carta de Buena Vista

Buena Vista Mobile Home Park queda justo al lado de El Camino Real y hoy en dia tiene 117 casas rodantes. No hay otro lugar como este en toda la ciudad y proporciona la rara oportunidad de viviendas económicas para sus 400 habitantes. Aunque las familias del parque son de bajos recursos, han logrado crear una vida para sí mismos en medio de unas de las colonias más caras del país.

Letter from Buena Vista

What happens when legality conflicts with morality? Verde investigates Palo Alto's greatest moral dilemma and injustice, the impending closure of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park.

The First in Their Families: What it Means to be a First Generation College Student

For all of the 50 first generation students at Palo Alto High School — approximately 10 percent of the senior class — going to college provides a chance at upward mobility for themselves and their families. Verde illuminates the challenges these students have faced and the support they've received from Paly teachers in order to successfully make it through the college application process.

Cleaning the Streets

JOE WYSOCKI currently lives in an SF shelter, which he will be forced to leave in March. He is yet to find housing. It’s a cloudy Sunday morning, just before ...
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I’m a He, Not a Question Mark

Additional Reporting by Alyssa Takahashi Editor’s Note: This story switches from using female pronouns to male pronouns for the main subject. The change is i...

Cannabis Controversy

Emma enters her daughter’s room holding two sandwich bags, each bearing five grams of marijuana in dime-sized green buds. She hands one bag to her daughter, Liz, a former Palo Alto high school student whose name has been changed.