Eliza Ackroyd

The Many Faces of Jenny Xin

Jenny Xin, a star in both speech and choir who is also known for her funny faces and A.P United States History puns, sits down for a Q&A with Verde.

The New Cafe in Downtown Palo Alto

What used to be the desolate courtyard of the late Borders is now a buzzing hub of creative flow and collaboration. Walking underneath the tea lights that hang ...
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Spirit Week to encourage more inclusion

Spirit Week starts on Oct. 24 and will feature several changes from past years, making it more inclusive and fair for all students of each class. According to ...
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Palo Alto Firefighters

  Fire Station No. 5's fire engine leaves the garage to respond to a call. Shafts of sunlight make their way  through high windows, falling on an impr...
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Do You Wanna Build a Snow-Zen?

The Chocolate Kiss, with chocolate snow, strawberries and chocolate drizzle.  Up until the afternoon of Feb. 23, I was living a naive, simple existence. It ...