As summer approaches, you may be tempted to reach for your standard pint of mint chocolate chip from Trader Joe’s. Instead, try one of these three variations on the classic frozen treat. We sampled flavors from across the board. Whether you’re looking for something rich, decadent, authentic, light, or fresh, read on for your chilled prescription.

Fraiche’s modern and relaxed vibe welcomes all sorts of dessert enthusiasts, not just those on the “fro yo health benefit” craze. The Olallieberry Pie combo from the menu includes plain frozen yogurt, olallieberry puree, and graham crackers. It nicely combines the tartness of the natural yogurt with the sweetness and texture of the jam.

The pomegranate-flavored and regular yogurts also provide the same simple taste without being boring. If you are looking for something filling, pack on the toppings. Or, simply order the natural yogurt if you want a lighter, more refreshing treat.

As you walk into Gelato Classico on Emerson in downtown Palo Alto, it is alive with the energized chatter of children and families. This busy shop has a large array of extravagant gelatos, ranging from dark chocolate to creme brulee. Be wary though; it comes at a steep price.

If you go to this traditional Italian joint, stick to what it knows best. The spumoni, an adventurous mix of chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, almond, fig, cherry and orange lends a new ice cream experience with every complex, different bite.

With its yellow and cream striped walls, shiny red seating, and infamous 3-D cow mural, stepping into Rick’s Ice Cream in midtown Palo Alto feels like entering a 50s diner. The fixture has been satisfying the Bay Area’s sugar cravings for 57 years. This welcoming mom and pop shop flaunts 48 flavors, best-sellers being salty caramel, ube (a purple yam), and industrial chocolate. The salted caramel maintains an exciting flavor and texture balance. While ordering at Fraiche is all about the toppings, every ice cream at Rick’s holds its own, unadulterated. The three available toppings — mini M&Ms, rainbow sprinkles, mini gummy bears — are plenty to compliment the ice cream.