The Man Behind the Screen

Robert Minkoff, the director of “The Lion King” and multiple other children’s films, graduated from Palo Alto High School in 1980, and went on to study animation at the California Institute of the Arts in San Francisco. His first movie, “Tummy Trouble,” was released in 1989, and he has directed nine movies since. His new movie, “Mr. Peabody and Sherman,” came out March 7. In a phone interview with Verde, Minkoff reflected on his time at Paly and how it has influenced his current life and career.

The Star of the NFL

Chen poses with coach and Paly alum Alex Carter after winning a tournament. ““The biggest thing with Travis is that he is very well-rounded as a debater,” says...
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Nancy Shepard

OUR MAYOR Nancy Shepherd was elected as Palo Alto’s new mayor on Jan. 6, 2014. “I love the people,” Nancy Shepherd, the newly elected mayor of Palo Alto, sa...
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In Bloom

Bloom, who has been working in the Paly Social Science department since 1998, currently teaches Economics and AP Macroeconomics. “I’ve been here a long time, s...

In Her Toe Shoes

A flame of red hair flies behind her and her toe shoes pound on the dirt. Enveloped by the silence of trees and the setting sun, she closes out her 15-mile ...

Electronic Music

Junior Luke Schroder is a DJ who remixes and produces music under the pseudonym UltraViolet Astronauts (UVA); Junior Will Kast composes electronic music under the stage name William III; Junior Fabo Garduño is the man behind White Noise Symphony, his one-man band that makes both covers of songs and original compositions.
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This Land(e) is Your Land(e)

Welcome to Palo Alto High School, where our students regularly discover and eradicate fatal illnesses, single-handedly dig wells that service several small African countries and create multi-million-dollar non-profit organizations to provide iPhones for malnourished children — for every one you buy, little Tommy gets his own! And who needs clean water when you’ve got Temple Run? Did you know that the United States decided not to take military action in Syria solely because Paly students changed their profile pictures to peace signs in a show of support?

10 Questions With Gabe Galang

Gabe's hair flys as he passionately plays his guitar. Outside of the band’s practice room, in the 300 building at Palo Alto High School, the sounds of drums...
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Our Newest New Yorker

Silvia Killingsworth managing editor of New Yorker Magazine and Palo Alto High Graduate class of 2003, says, “The only ‘job track’ I ever seriously considered w...