In for the Long Drive: Paly Staff who Commute from Far Away

"Can you drive me to school? I don't feel like biking two miles today.” This is an often-said complaint by many Palo Alto High School students who dread their commutes to school. While biking, walking or driving for a couple minutes may seem like a long time to some students, many Paly staff members face commutes over an hour long. Keeping this in mind, next time you groan at the thought of your arduous journey, think about the following Paly staff members who travel from far away to get to their jobs.

Benedek’s Travels

Benedek Tallai may teach in a different classroom each day, but he starts every class the same way. As he runs through a standardized Powerpoint presentation co...

Shooting for the Moon: Palo Alto High School’s Throwing Team

Because of its lack of popularity and general disinterest in its events, the Palo Alto High School throwing team is often overshadowed by the classic running events. For the 2015 spring season, the shot put and discus team has a meager 17 competitors for its two events, in comparison to the 100 competitors in running and jumping events. However, the throwing team brings a quirky ambience and unique talent to Paly's Track and Field team.
Second-year student Amy Brown (left) tutors first-year student Amy Teehan (right).

The Stanford of Dental Hygiene

For the first time in 57 years, Foothill Community College's dental hygiene program will be awarding students with a bachelor's degree, making it one of only 15 programs statewide that allow community college students to earn a bachelor's degree and the better job opportunities that it promises. For the dental hygiene's program prestigious reputation and 100 percent pass rate on the board certification exam, it has even been called the "Stanford of dental hygiene."

Improvising Life

"I don’t think we’re funnier than everyone else, but we definitely take things less seriously.” ~Joey Kellison-Linn