Second-year student Amy Brown (left) tutors first-year student Amy Teehan (right).

The Stanford of Dental Hygiene

For the first time in 57 years, Foothill Community College's dental hygiene program will be awarding students with a bachelor's degree, making it one of only 15 programs statewide that allow community college students to earn a bachelor's degree and the better job opportunities that it promises. For the dental hygiene's program prestigious reputation and 100 percent pass rate on the board certification exam, it has even been called the "Stanford of dental hygiene."

Improvising Life

"I don’t think we’re funnier than everyone else, but we definitely take things less seriously.” ~Joey Kellison-Linn

Before They Were Here: Faculty’s Careers Before Teaching

Over 200 faculty members at Palo Alto High School teach, counsel and otherwise work here on a daily basis. While many were passionate about their chosen field of education from the beginning of their own higher education, others arrived at their destinations as teachers through alternate routes. Verde talked to four faculty members to learn about their careers before going into the field of education.