Internet Connection

We've all heard it, or something similar: “You have better things to do with your time. Facebook’s sucking your brains out! Get off your computer.” Most adul...

Code Red

People need to accept periods for what they are.

Self Centered

I’d like to think I work hard for everything I get — but I’m not sure if that’s entirely true. I study for tests, I go to swim practice, I do my chores  but I a...
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Advanced Problems

1st Period: AP Underwater Basket-weaving. 2nd period: AP Candy Cane making. 3rd period: AP Twerking. 4th Period: AP Meditating. 5th Period: AP Beard Growing. 6th Period: AP Instagram Composition. 7th Period: AP How to Cook Meat for Vegetarians. Sound like a pointless schedule? Well, for many students loading up their schedules with AP’s, the subject matter of the course holds little significance because the students are only looking for the label the AP course provides, and that’s a problem.
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Sickening and Abominable Torture

We are constantly told that we’re wonderful people with the potential to make the world a better place. Every single one of us has something that elevates us ab...
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Welcome to the Friendzone

A lonely male unhappily enters the "friendzone." Kindness + time + providing a shoulder to cry on = a romantic relationship. This equation is not one you...