Lovely Filoli: A Historic Countryside Gem

As summer comes to a close, the autumn colors begin to peek through the vibrant roses, begonias and hydrangeas. With the seemingly never-ending manicured landscape and ivy-covered red brick mansion, walking around the estate feels like stepping into another time.The perfect destination to explore the beauty of a historic countryside estate, Filoli provides visitors of all ages an enjoyable experience with its stunning gardens, nature trails and historic mansion.Filoli’s renowned 16-acre English

Landscapes Through a Lens: Exploring the Wonders of Yellowstone

RAINBOW POOLS Grand Prismatic is arguably the most iconic feature of Yellowstone. Its enormous size makes it difficult to get a good sense of its scale without hiking up a nearby hill. Photo by Kamala VararadarajanYellowstone is internationally renowned for its breathtaking glimpses of nature, from impressive mountain peaks to incredible wildlife viewing and stunning geothermal activity. With nature’s most magnificent sights, it sounds like a kind of paradise, and after spending over a week in t

Coastal Camping: A Photo Tour Along the Coast of Maine

WISHFUL THINKING Camper Cat Valencia admires the campus of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Bowdoin is a liberal arts college that originated in 1794 and now has 1,800 students. Driving through Maine, I was struck by the picturesque scenery, the lushness of the landscape and the peaceful towns we passed by. I had never been to Maine, and wasn’t quite sure what to expect apart from lobster rolls, but I was able to explore the state in a week-long photo camp in which two counselors, seven othe

Blue Moon: Myth or Fact?

A misunderstood lunar phenomenon Sophomore Amanda McVey considers urban legends about blue moons. Photo by Nicole Adamson Veritas: What do you know about blu...

Astronomical Calendar

October 21 - Orionid Meteor Shower, visible from Palo Alto (11 p.m. - 7 a.m.) 24 - Full moon November 17 - Leonid Meteor Shower, visible from Palo...